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Where the Crow Flies

“Subtly written and excellently performed, Where The Crow Flies, In Motion Theatre Company’s touring production, is a lucid and compelling tale.”

All Edinburgh Theatre

Where The Crow Flies by Lisa Nicoll

Ostracised by the community she lives in, Carrie feels isolated from the world. Her husband is in prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Can she prove his innocence? All this seems impossible, until a new neighbour moves in next door. But is the incomer all that she seems?


Based on interviews and stories from women in Blackburn, West Lothian, Where the Crow Flies is a play about starting over, fighting for the truth, gaining trust and getting rid of the labels that are put on us.

Past Performances

October 2016

  • 18th-19th: Scottish Storytelling Centre

  • 21st: Eastwood Park Theatre

  • 25th: Bathgate Regal

  • 26th: Paisley Arts Centre

November 2016

  • 2nd-3rd: Tron Theatre

Morton's production shows off the bonds that form between the oddest of couples as they learn how to survive together.

The Herald


Carrie - Keira Lucchesi​

Emily - Angela Darcy

Creative Team

Writer - Lisa Nicoll

Director - Beth Morton

Set & Costume Design - Jessica Brettle

Lighting Design - Malcolm Rogan

Sound Design - Beth Morton

Supported & Funded by Sense over Sectarianism, Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival and the Scottish Government.

The important unsaid issues bubble at the surface and Nicoll resists the urge to give us a big reveal. Instead we get a far more subtle insight into the two characters and their unstable friendship.

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Production Images

© Mihaela Bodlovic 

The fact that it is based on true stories of women’s lives gathered by Nicoll from communities in West Lothian gives the story a passionate, grounded quality, and offers a real sense of tragedy.


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