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The Voice Behind Our Town Podcast

The Voice Behind Our Town is a a series of podcasts in which residents of Ferguslie Park in Paisley, talk about their community and the truth behind the headlines often associated with the area. It has been made by In Motion as part of our Other Side of the River project and is supported by Future Paisley, Renfrewshire Leisure, and Renfrewshire Council.

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Originally broadcast on Paisley FM, you can now listen on Spotify, iTunes, Anchor and most other major podcast services. Get the links here:

or play from SoundCloud right here:

About the Podcasts

Through a series of interviews local residents talk about the good things that go on in their town, despite the preconceived notions others may have.

The guest range in age from 18 to 82, male and female, and give a broad view of what it is actually like to live in the town of Ferguslie, Paisley, and the battle that people feel they have been up against from the headlines, reputation and comments associated with the area over the years.

People often don’t visit a place, yet think they know what it is like. These podcasts let us hear the voices of the everyday heroes:

  • Marc Small who has set up 'On Yir Bike' to get people cycling in Ferguslie.

  • Terry McTernan and John McIntyre have been activists for 40 years, committed to making positive changes for everyone in the community of Ferguslie Park.

  • Janine Carter, an 18 year old music student and singer/songwriter.

  • 82 year old Helen Crangle, who worked for decades in education helping families to have a better life.

  • Norrie Ward, the local bus driver who did the bus route there for 30 years before retiring.

  • Elaine Carter, who has set up the Seniors Club so people have a purpose and place to go.

Each episode is in it's own way inspiring, and together they tell a universal story about fighting against preconceived notions, and about the warmth, determination and sense of community that exists not just in Ferguslie Park, but in towns and cities all over Scotland.



These podcasts are produced by In Motion theatre company as part of a creative consultation culminating in the play The Other Side of the River, to be produced in autumn 2021. The views expressed are entirely those of the participants and should not be taken to reflect the views of Renfrewshire Council or Renfrewshire Leisure.

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