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Virtual Programme

Through our Virtual Programme we continue to connect creatives and audiences within current restrictions. Engaging communities and building relationships has always been key to what we do, perhaps this is more important now than ever.

Virtual Programme

Our Virtual Programme is a series of events, videos, podcasts and online workshops. You can watch new writing theatre performed by high-profile actors, take part in question and answer sessions, hear interviews with writers, see premieres of new works, listen to community podcasts, and take part in online playwriting, song writing and dance workshops.


We have a varied and growing programme, so make sure you come back to see what's new. In the meantime take a look at some of the highlights below.


Beyond the Headlines

Beyond the Headlines joins writers from Scottish Community Drama Association Clubs from across Scotland, and high-profile professional actors who are ex SCDA members, in the premier of a series of new monologues. Free to watch now.


The Voice Behind the Picture

The culmination of a project in conjunction with See Me mental health charity. We worked with 14 writers to create monologues that move us beyond what we see, hear or take at face value. Actors recorded the monologues in their own homes under lockdown conditions. Free to watch now.

Hidden Women Image.jpg

Hidden Women

We are working with mental health charity “See Me”, and 10 women writers to create a series of  monologues performed by professional actors. Humorous and thought provoking, they will aim to take us beyond what people see, hear, or take at face value of woman in their 50's. These performances will be free to watch online.


The Voice Behind Our Town Monologues

We are working with 10 writers who have a connection with Paisley, and in particular the area of Ferguslie Park, to turn their stories into theatrical monologues performed by professional actors. These performances will be free to watch online.


The Voice Behind Our Town Podcast

The Voice Behind Our Town is a series of podcasts in which residents of Ferguslie Park in Paisley, talk about their community and the truth behind the headlines often associated with the area. These podcasts are free to listen to.


The Cultural Coven

Our weekly podcast, featuring some of Scotland’s leading art and cultural figures, connects public with artist, delves into the creative and life journeys of our guests, reveals green-room gossip and has our guests taking part in creative challenges.


Forgotten Dreams

Eight filmed monologues inspired by the theme of forgotten dreams. Each one looks at a sliding door moment in a character’s life, where things could have turned out very differently.

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