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Workshops: Song Writing

Song Writing Workshops (online)

Periodically we run a series of short recorded online song writing sessions and live zoom workshops designed to help you create your own original songs.

No workshops are running currently, but please follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list to make sure you hear about the next course we run.


Have you ever wanted to write a song but don’t know where to start? Join these sessions with Biff Smith of acclaimed band A New International to learn how it’s done. You don’t need an instrument just inspiration and the energy to give it a go! 

Aims Of The Workshops


Through the sessions we can help to raise awareness and understanding of the creative process, where it may originate, and how it can be nurtured to an end point. We hope everyone takes away "something to carry with them", some new tools for building songs, some new colours to paint with, a new way of looking at the creative process which can also continue to be useful after the sessions are over. 


So whether you have some experience, or are just beginning to explore your musical path, these workshops are for you. At the end of the sessions there will be an opportunity for you to share your song on our social media platforms if you want to. 


We will be touring our new play “Other Side of the River” in 2021 and the hope is that some of the songs created in these sessions will be used as part of social events after each show.

How It Works


The workshops will consist of:


  • A live online group session.

  • Three initial short recorded practical writing sessions.

  • A live online group session with participants.

  • Three more short recorded practical writing sessions.

  • One to one sessions with participants.

  • A second set of one to one sessions with participants.

  • Opportunity to share what has been achieved online.

Biff Talks About the  Workshops

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