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Workshops: One Day Playwriting

One Day Writing and Getting your Work out there Playwriting Workshop

After the success of our playwriting workshops with Glasgow Libraries in 2019 we are delighted to return to the Mitchell Library to bring you a one day workshop to unlock and inspire any blocks in a play that you may be writing or are wanting to get off the ground and talk about key tips in getting work out there and funded. 


This workshop is aimed at early/mid stage writers and those who may have been writing in other areas. 


The workshop will be held at The Mitchell Library on Saturday 25th November 2023 10 - 5pm.  You will also get access to a set of inspirational podcasts after the event.

We will also be joined by playwrights Lesley Capitanchik and Chris Tait who took part in the workshops in 2019 and which led to funding from Creative Scotland to adapt the work into podcast dramas.


To Apply please  email by Thursday 23rd November at 5pm letting us know a bit about you and why you would like to take part.

About the Workshops


Run by playwright and Creative Director of In Motion Lisa Nicoll, this workshop is fun, informative and has a people centred approach.  As a playwright Lisa has thought long and hard about where the stumbling blocks are when writing and the key thing is often to have someone or a group to support the work to move forward and keep motivated.


Lisa uses a human based approach and often links with how we ourselves act and live in our everyday life and respond and react to the work around us.


The best tool we have as a writer is ourselves & the world around us and this is what can make a story and play individual. There is often no original idea but is about the take on the world that a person has that makes their story different and this workshop will  help support and unlock this!


The short podcasts available after the workshop are there to keep you motivated and inspired  as we often need that boost and unlocking of inspiration!

In 2019 In Motion theatre worked in partnership with Glasgow Libraries to deliver a set of workshops for book week Scotland.From those workshops two of the pieces that began creation there, have received funding from Creative Scotland to be dramatized into podcast dramas.



Both Lesley Capitanchik and Chris Tait who wrote the pieces will also join the day for a Q & A on the process of getting that work funded and out there and Lisa will give some key tips on this.





Full Day Workshop

Three Inspirational Short Podcasts

Q & A with writers

Lunch on the day





Start Date and Sign Up

  • The course will start on take place on Saturday 25th November 2023

  • Inspirational podcasts will be available after this date

  • Deadline for workshop sign up is Thursday 23rd  November

To sign up or for more information email:


I found Lisa Nicoll's guidance priceless: she gives lots of helpful prompts to start everyone off and is always encouraging, caring and (in my opinion) spot-on with her suggestions about what really works in the theatre when it comes to the writing and editing stages.

J Forrester

Dunoon Players

The workshops are very innovative. Lisa’s patience and advice has really helped develop my style. The workshops are always very structured, full of brilliant tips and possibilities and I definitely think my writing has developed more with these workshops than with my degree.

C Tait

Lisa is an inspirational and energetic tutor whose questions encourage you to develop full-rounded characters with a personality and drive of their own. By the time you approach the dialogue, you already have a deep understanding of the forces that propel your characters to react in the way that they do through free-writing and workshopping.  The workshops are always supportive and encouraging, When reading your script, Lisa provides advice that transforms it and gives it even greater depth.  Cheerful and insightful, she has encouraged me to pursue writing for the stage; something that seemed impossible two years ago.

L Capitanchik

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