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a play with songs

“Lily took the audience on an exhilarating journey of emotions, from deep belly laughs to the gut wrenching horror that unfolded in front of our eyes - keeps you guessing until the very end.”

Audience Feedback - Traverse Theatre Work in Progress Reading May 2019

Lily by Jo Lennie

Lily​ is a play with songs set in a run-down piano bar.  It’s the story of a missing teenage girl and the people left behind after her disappearance. Tackling loss, love, temptation, deception and guilt, it’s about losing someone, losing yourself and trying to find your way back. This work is a darkly comic contemporary play about missing people, crime, and media interference, with music and song woven throughout.


The music ranges from vintage swing to country and contemporary pop. An onstage jazz quartet provide an atmospheric backdrop to the play as the characters use song to explore their emotions and reveal darker and more intimate truths.

Current Production Development

Originally the recipient of the Progressive Playwright Award 2017 at The Tron Theatre. We have  been developing ‘Lily’ with funding from Creative Scotland's Open Fund .


Work has taken place on both script and music development with director Allie Winton Butler and musical director David Higham. A sharing of this work was presented at The Traverse Theatre in May 2019. A video clip from this  work can be seen below.


With the play now ready for touring, the team are exploring further funding opportunities.

I love the gig theatre concept, the story is strongly delivered with the music highlighting the action beautifully. It’s a real treat to see the band on stage too as this isn’t all that common just now. I would love to see this on tour.

Audience Feedback

A wonderful piece of new Theatre with wonderful vocals and a compelling story.  Such a strong cast.

Audience Feedback

Rehearsals for Traverse Presentation May 2019

Creative Team

Writer - Jo Lennie

Director - Allie Winton Butler

Musical Director  -  David Higham

Cast -  Chris Alexander, Sarah McCardie, Martine McMenemy

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