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Gold Dust

It's 1984. The Miners are on strike. Communities need to survive.

Gold Dust by Ros Borland

With no hope of income or the prospect of food on the table, three Ayrshire men do what they can to survive.


Unemployed Paul, striking miner Wullie and incomer Scott know that the National Coal Board is stockpiling coal nearby. They make it their business to take as much coal or ‘Gold Dust’ as they call it to sell around the houses.

Chased by guards, police and biting winds, they fight then pull together for their survival. But holding onto Wullie’s sanity is the hardest task of all as he is haunted by the phantasm that is Margaret Thatcher, trying to lure him over the picket line

Current Production Development

We are delighted to be working in association with The Ayr Gaiety Theatre on new play Gold Dust, which is inspired by the stories of the coal mining Ayrshire community where playwright Ros Borland lives.


Originally performed as part of the Tron 100 Festival in 2016 the piece is developing from a 15 minute short play to a full length production.

The aim is to tour the play (initially to mining communities in Ayrshire & then farther afield) under the 'Miners' Strike Soup Kitchen' banner where audiences will watch the play and be fed as if they were actually there in  a 1984/85 miners' strike  soup kitchen.

In the run up and as part of the tour, workshops  will take place  in the communities with a focus on maintaining the heritage of this time. The aim also is in each community to have members involved as picket line members in the production alongside the professional actors.

Reading at The Ayr Gaiety

We are currently looking to engage with Ayrshire businesses and organisations to support this production and its associated events. If you are interested in supporting this production please email:

Gold Dust is supported in its development by Cumnock and Doon Valley Minerals Trust and The National Mining Museum Scotland

Creative Team

Writer - Ros Borland

Director - Sarah Rose Graber


Angela Cassidy

Cameron Fulton

Colin Little

Josh Whitelaw

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