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The Cultural Coven

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The Cultural Coven

Sam Heughan, Ricky Ross, Elaine C. Smith and Ian Rankin are among the first guests of new podcast series “The Cultural Coven”.

A weekly series, featuring some of Scotland’s leading art and cultural figures, connects public with artist, delves into the creative and life journeys of the guests, reveals green-room gossip and has the guests taking part in a fun creative challenge.

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The Podcasts


Hosted by actress Nicola Roy and produced by In Motion Theatre Company in Association with The Lyceum Theatre and the Stephen Dunn Theatre Fund. Each week a new podcast will be recorded and released up until the 3rd of May. All episodes will continue to be available after their release.


Introduction - Nicola Roy

Our host Nicola Roy gives us an idea of what to expect in the coming episodes.

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Episode 1 - Ricky Ross

Lead singer of Deacon Blue, Ricky Ross is our first ever guest.

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Episode 2 - Elaine C Smith

Actress and comedienne Elaine C. Smith joins us for episode two.

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Episode 3 - Ian Rankin

Renowned crime fiction writer Ian Rankin is next to enter the coven.

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Episode 4 - Joyce McMillan

Scotsman Theatre reviewer Joyce McMillan is our next illustrious visitor.

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Episode 5 - Sam Heughan

Outlander star Sam Heughan talks to our host Nicola Roy.

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Episode 6 - Siobhan Redmond

This week's guest is star of stage and screen  Siobhan Redmond.

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Episode 7 - Liz Lochhead

This time Liz Lochhead, former national poet of Scotland, joins us.

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Episode 8 - Saskia Ashdown

Actor and musician Saskia Ashdown joins us in the series finale.

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The Inspiration

The Cultural Coven was inspired by Lyceum Board member Stephen Dunn who approached Nicola Roy with the idea of interviewing guests who she had worked with previously at The Lyceum . The actress has often been quoted as a ‘favourite’ amongst the Lyceum Theatre audiences where she has appeared in many award winning plays and has also been quoted as being one of Scotland’s leading comic actresses by the press.

All of the guests have worked with Nicola at various times in her career, mainly at The Lyceum Theatre. Lisa Nicoll, our Creative Director, has also worked with the majority of guests through her time at The Tron Theatre and the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Both are delighted to bring the creative community together and allow the public into their ‘coven’ of chat.

Recording During Lockdown

Originally the podcasts were to be recorded in the Lyceum, but with much adapting and solution finding they will be recorded remotely until the time is safe to do otherwise.


Thanks to a contribution from The Stephen Dunn Theatre Fund and the support of the Lyceum Theatre, along with the enthusiasm and determination of Nicola and Lisa, In Motion are proud to produce this series as part of our Virtual Programme.



Music: "When I'm Home" - Cameron Barnes.

Photography: Nicola Roy - Stephen W. Dunn; Ricky Ross - Nick Sayers; Elaine C Smith - Martin McCready (Upfront Photography); Ian Rankin - Hamish Brown.

I’m always interested to know more about the person behind the name - and I’m sure the public do too. So just as well I’m cheeky enough to ask the questions!

Nicola Roy

Host of The Cultural Coven

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